3° EDITION - MAY 2 nd/4 th 2024


The event is organized by the ASD Motoclub Sbarbytour Sardegna based in Via Carbonia 68 in Narcao (SU) - Italy, a sports association affiliated to the ASC, a legal entity recognized by CONI.

The Motoclub Sbarbytour Sardegna specializes in the discipline of motorcycle enduro. This activity is carried out both at a competitive and amateur level also through the organization of sporting events such as the Sulcis Enduro Raid 2024, a non-competitive activity whose participation is reserved for members.

The Third Edition of the Sulcis Enduro Raid takes place in the Sulcis mining area in Sardinia (Italy) over three days from 2  to 4 May 2024.

The event is designed to meet the needs of all participants regardless of the technical level and the bike used.

Two-day raid is from 3 to 4 May 2024 with medium level enduro routes and around 160/180 km per day with GPS navigation. There are separate routes for enduro bikes and maxi bikes (heavier than 150 kg) and optional hard variants. Possibility of adding the Explorer day with self-drive on May 2, 2024 (there are no hard variants and refreshments), following the GPS track provided by the organization for enduro and maxi motorcycles. The vehicle monitoring and recovery service in case of breakdown is obviously offered. The stages are daisy-chained with departure and arrival at Base Camp in Hotel Cala dei Pini, Via Delle Margherite 2, 09010 Porto Pino (SU), Italy.

It's not a competitive competition because the real challenge is with yourself and reaching the finish line by sharing the route with friends.

1. Motorbike categories

There are 2 categories of motorbikes for the Raid which will follow different routes:

  • Enduro up to 150 kg
  • Enduro over 150 kg and maxi.

2. Registration

It is necessary to register in advance for the Raid/Hard Enduro Arena and pay the relative fee.

Maximum number of subscribers 120

Registration opens on January 1st 2024

Registration closes on April 10th 2024 (earlier in case of reaching the maximum number of subscribers)

Registration formulas


  • Discounted Price (january 1st - february 29th 2024)
  • Standard € 300
  • Women and Under 25 € 225
  • Full Price (march 1st - april 10th 2024)
  • Standard € 400
  • Women and Under 25 € 300


  • Discounted Price
  •  50% advance by february 29th 2024
  • 50% balance due by  april 10th 2024
  • Full Price
  •  100% balance due by 10th 2024  

The registration fee includes:

• Participation of a person in the event based on the selected formula

• Monitoring system for the safety of the participants

• Refreshments and aperitifs as scheduled

• assistance for motorcycle recovery in case of physical impediment of the rider or breakdown of the vehicle (punctures are not considered breakdowns)

• Official Sulcis Enduro Raid 2024 T-shirt

• gadgets

• A.S.C. card and related insurance coverage.

Petrol, overnight stays, breakfasts, dinners, transfers of people and vehicles to and from the base camp, and anything not expressly indicated are excluded.

Registration must be made online on the website www.sulcisenduroraid.com. It is necessary to provide for the advance payment by bank transfer indicating in the reason for payment "Sulcis Enduro Raid 2024 - name and surname of the participant" and the relative receipt must be sent to info@sulcisenduroraid.com.

Bank details: ASD Motoclub Sbarbytour Sardegna - Iban IT25O 0306 9096 06100 0001 90243 - BIC BCITITMM

Official race shirt

At the time of registration, it is possible to purchase the official match shirt of the event personalized with your name which will be delivered on the days of the event upon acceptance:

• Personalized race shirt €39

3. Briefing

The briefing of the RAID will be held on 29 and 30 April at 18:30 at the Base Camp in Hotel Cala dei Pini, Via Delle Margherite 2, 09010 Porto Pino (SU) , Italy . Participation is mandatory.

4. Administrative checks

The administrative checks of the RAID are held at the Base Camp in Hotel Cala dei Pini, Via Delle Margherite, 2, 09010 Porto Pino (SU) , Italy .

Pilot documents

  • Passaport or ID.
  • Driving licence
  • Reglament signing
  • Receipt of registration payment
  • Medical certificate of non-competitive sports suitability 

Motorbike documents

All participating vehicles must have the following documents:

  • Vehicle logbook
  • Valid insurance
  • Original license plate
  • If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, a driving authorization is required

Technical Equipment

All vehicles must be equipped with:

  • GPS with the possibility of uploading RAID traces
  • Mousse for front and rear tyres

Compulsory technical clothing

  • Helmet
  • Protective mask or goggles
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Cross or Enduro pants
  • Enduro jacket with protectors or bib
  • Knee protectors
  • Elbow protectors

Compulsory Safety Equipment

  • Mobile phone
  • Emergency telephone number, provided by the organization, saved in the telephone directory

5. Route

The types of routes are specific to each event:

• The Raid includes 2 stages of 160/180 km of medium level with optional hard variants and skill tests. The route is not tracked and it is necessary to follow the tracks provided by the organization with the GPS. The stages are daisy-chained with departure and arrival at Base Camp in Hotel Cala dei Pini, Via Delle Margherite 2, 09010 Porto Pino (SU), Italy. There are different routes for each of the motorcycle categories. Early return is required for those who have not completed the stages of the day by the closing time of the journey.

6. Hotel and ferry agreements

The economic conditions reserved for the participants of the Sulcis Enduro Raid 2023 have been defined and agreed with the following structures:

  • Hotel Cala dei Pini, Via Delle Margherite 2, 09010 Porto Pino (SU), Tel. +39 0781 967014

7. Driving rules

The Raid takes place on roads, paths and passages open to regular traffic.

Participants must pay due attention in all sections of the route and during the entire course of the event.

We would like to point out that every driver must respect the driving rules and the speed limits in built-up areas as well as in extra-urban areas.

8. Safety and emergencies

In order to guarantee a high standard of safety, each participant will be provided with a black box which will allow the organization to constantly monitor the position of the participant in the event and thus be able to activate the necessary interventions if necessary. This information will be accessible only by the persons in charge of the organization, may be communicated exclusively to the entities responsible for the requested interventions and will not be disclosed to third parties. At the end of the event, the information collected will be deleted.

To communicate with the organization and specify the type of assistance requested, you must call one of the following numbers:

  • in the event of an accident, contact the number 347 953 56 04 to activate the ambulance service.
  • in the event of mechanical failure, contact the number 349 847 47 61 to recover the vehicle. It should be noted that punctures are not included in the breakdowns for which the vehicle recovery service is provided. We therefore recommend the use of mousses for front and rear tyres.

9. Starting order

The starting order of the first day of  Raid is determined by the registration history with priority to those registered for the 2023 edition. The following days are based on the ranking of the skill tests. The riders will start in groups of 3 with 2 minutes between one group and another.

10. Enviroment

We ask all participants to pay the utmost attention to the environmental impact produced by their vehicles and to seek coexistence with work (e.g. sheep farming) and sporting activities, respect for nature and private property.

11. Responsability of Organization

The organizer ASD Motoclub Sbarbytour Sardegna is not responsible for the following events:

  • Damage, theft, fire or vandalism to vehicles participating in the Raid
  • Damage, theft, fire or vandalism to luggage, spare parts, tools or similar belonging to the participants
  • Accidents, injuries, illnesses that may happen to the participants during the event.
  • Breakages and damages that may occur to the vehicles of the participants during the event.

12. Responsability of pilots

Each registered participant must certify that they are physically and mentally in good health and that they do not use drugs or alcohol. He also declares that he has all the technical and physical abilities necessary to participate in this type of event, that he is in possession of a driving license and that he is not subject to restrictive forms of freedom or other penal sanctions and that he fully complies with the prescriptions civil and insurance.

13. Refund of registration fees

In case of cancellation of the event for reasons attributable to the organization, 100% of the fee already paid will be returned.

In the event of cancellation of the event for reasons of force majeure (by way of example but not limited to: health, climatic, socio-political events, security reasons, etc.) there will be no refund and participants will be awarded a registration voucher for the edition next one.

In case of cancellation by the member, the following will be refunded:

  • 100% refund of the amount paid for cancellation by the participant by April 10th, 2024.
  • 50% refund of the amount paid for cancellation by the participant after April 10th, 2024. 

It is not possible to keep the quota for the next edition.

The organization assumes no responsibility and/or charge in the event of delays or cancellations of flights or sea transfers.

14. Communication

The official communication and promotion of the Sulcis Enduro Raid is conveyed exclusively through the website www.sulcisenduroraid.com. 

15. Program changes

In the event of extraordinary or unpredictable events, defined as FORCE MAJEURE and regulated by European law, the organization reserves the right to change the content of the programme, modifying or canceling some parts, always and in any way upon communication to the participants.

Extraordinary events may be by way of explanation but not limited to: strikes, demonstrations, serious events, road accidents, breakdown or breakdown of vehicles, civil or military unrest, insurrections, wars, climatic or catastrophic events, provisions of public authorities. 

16. Image rights and promotion

By registering for the Sulcis Enduro Raid, all participants:

• transfer to the organizer ASD MOTOCLUB SBARBYTOUR SARDINIA all rights, unlimited and permanent, on all the images produced that portray them within the event, whether photographic, video or in any other format/media without this being a reason of any economic recognition.

• agree to exhibit/wear/apply the material provided by the organization containing information/images/logos relating to the event and its sponsors without this being a reason for any economic recognition. By material we mean, by way of example but not limited to, the sticker with the participant's number to be applied to the headlight holder table of the motorcycle and the bib to be worn. 

17. Reglament

Registration for the Sulcis Enduro Raid implies knowledge and approval of the rules contained in this document.

The participant certifies his knowledge of the risks inherent in the nature of a sport such as Enduro and relieves the organizer ASD MOTOCLUB SBARBYTOUR SARDEGNA from any possible civil or criminal liability in the event of of physical or material accident.

Participants explicitly certify that they know that, by adhering and participating in the Sulcis Enduro Raid, they will not be beneficiaries of any insurance policy other than that deriving from the ASC membership card.

Each change to this regulation will correspond to a new version identified by the date shown at the bottom of each page.