3° EDITION - MAY 2 nd / 4 th 2024

Sulcis Enduro Raid 2022, good the first!

The non-competitive event which saw the participation of 50 motorcyclists in the 3-day enduro in Sulcis in Sardinia with almost 500 kilometers of route ended.

The event is the first event of this magnitude organized in this fantastic area.

The first edition of the Sulcis Enduro Raid was held at the end of October on the "All Saints" period and, also thanks to an almost summery weather, the fun was a lot over the three days of riding. Participants were able to try their hand at a very varied environment, from the winding mule tracks of the Sulcis mining area to the single tracks along the cliffs of the Iglesiente coast, alternating very technical routes with faster ones. The basis of the event was the splendid Santa Lucia agritourism in Tratalias from where the 3 stages started and arrived in Margherita.

To each his own
The organizer, Claudio Gambula, has designed and traced two distinct routes, one for enduro bikes and one for maxi bikes, to allow everyone to have fun in safety and enjoy the wonderful views and places that Sulcis can offer. Out of respect for the environment, it was decided not to physically trace the route and GPS navigation was introduced which helped bring new experiences and new emotions to life, making even the few transfers less boring.

Wide choice
The participants, coming from Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, had the opportunity to make hard, not extreme variants along the route, characterized by more demanding and technical routes such as stony grounds and gullies. No choice instead for refreshments and aperitifs, the same for everyone.

E pluribus unum
The organization of an event requires teamwork and the Sulcis Enduro Raid 2022 was also made possible thanks to the commitment of Monica Endurodonna, president of ASD Motoclub Sbarbytour Sardegna, and the support of Marco Rosso, soul of Adventourer. But the real architects of the raid's success were the numerous volunteers whose contribution was decisive.

And now
Needless to say, at the end of the event everyone asked a question: when will the second edition be held? Claudio Gambula, tired but happy, let slip a "late April 2023″ ...

"I really have to say that my first raid was spectacular, I knew Sardinia and I knew that it gave emotions, but the whole event from the organization to the people and above all the spirit that was breathed struck me a lot, we all noticed the effort and the passion that all the organizers put into it."

Gianluca P.

"This experience went beyond my expectations, as I was a bit skeptical as the first editions are often problematic and instead everything went well and the twin cylinders were treated by the organization on a par with the enduro."

Fabio A.

"Avec un groupe de 5 belges nous avons participé au premier Sulcis Enduro Raid. Ce fut une expérience grandiose. la région est fantastique, avec ses montagnes, ses côtes et tous les chemins disponible en toute liberté. L'organisation était très efficace. Des tracés mélangeant du technique et du roulant, des passages hard avec alternatives soft, des spéciales... et le tout avec une excellente ambiance festive Italienne. Nous reviendrons."

Bertrand C.

I immediately made the acquaintance of many companions of different nationalities to share this wonderful experience, we all found ourselves seated for the briefing of the day of departure, everything was perfect ...

Alessandro P.